Research on Guidance Mechanism of Public Opinion in Colleges and Universities in Micro Era


校园英语·中旬 2018年1期

Shao Zhu Jian

【Abstract】The coming of the era of mobile Internet has promoted the rapid rise of micro era of the Internet. The media in the micro era is the concentrated presentation and direct reflection of public opinion. Nowsays, Micro-media has ben regarded as the most fashionable and direct form of public opinion characterized by some hidden controllability, superficial and emotional features.

【Key words】Micro era; Media; Guide

【作者簡介】Shao Zhu Jian, Qilu University of Technology.

The coming of the era of mobile Internet has promoted the rapid rise of the Internet era. Micro-age is a proposition of the times that carries multiple contexts and is an extension of the development of the network in stages. The advent of micro era has brought great challenges to the ideological and political education in colleges and universities as well as opportunities.

1. Introduction of micro-era media

Micro era reagard micro-mobile Internet as the main medium to exchange micro-information (including text,video,etc.)forming a micro-context,which formed the cultural characteristics of the network under the joint participation of majority of Internet users. The freedom of speech in the micro-world is high to some degree and netizens can freely speak. However,public opinion is not the result of individual judgment by Internet users,but also result of the influence and coercion of different stakeholder groups. In particular,with the direct intervention of network opinion leaders,once a certain kind of online opinion formed,it will spread rapidly and continuously strengthen the effect of blind obedience. As for its justification of speech,the authenticity of information has become less important.

2. Micro-media bring college students ideological and political educationunder challenges

2.1 The intensity of the ideological struggle has been intensified

The complexity and struggle of the media in the era of micro-times have further intensified the space and intensity of the ideological struggle between the enemy and ourselves. Due to the obscurity of the network and the good permeability of the micro-platform,it is difficult for the media to identify the identity and value recognition of participants.

2.2 The negative thinking seriously affected the spread of mainstream values

With the advent of economic restructuring and the tide of social reform,various social thoughts such as liberalism and money worship came into being,seriously affecting the behavior of Internet users. For young students with limited social experience and limited ability to judge,the negative and irrational dissemination of ideas easily shakes the thinking of college students and hinders the establishment of college students mainstream values.

3. Colleges and universities micro-platform public opinion guidance mechanism

3.1 Into the micro-environment,the establishment of micro-platform

University educators must integrate into the micro-environment and establish a micro-platform to play the role of colleges and universities in the micro-environment. Colleges and universities should go deep into the platform and grasp the public opinion dynamicsin order to looking for the “flames” of intensifying public opinion and preventing them from getting in the way and take preventive measures.

3.2 Identification and training of network opinion leaders

The ideological and political education in colleges and universities should be good at identifying active opinion leaders in the micro-environment of colleges and universities,guiding micro-media and educating and guiding the opinion leaders so that they will become opinion leaders with a sense of justice. We should maintain regular communication with micro-leaders,through words and deeds to gradually consolidate the network of moral and legal awareness in order to develop their network of responsibility.

3.3 Cultivation of students a good ability to distinguish

As the proveb goes,“To teach people to fish than to teach fish”. A good way of thinking and ability to discern can help analyze and treat the problem,get the right choice at the same time and establish a correct outlook on life values. Attention should be paid to the cultivation of independent thinking ability of undergraduates. Realistic needs should be avoided as accomplices and victims of cyberbullying in order to cultivate good thinking ability and discernment ability of undergraduates.


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