学生导报·东方少年 2019年7期

Wo magazines recently listed the best cities to live in. Here are two of the cities listed as “the worlds best”.

SAN JOSE, COSTARICA The city has comfortable weather all year round (15℃to 26℃). Housing is not very expensive in SAN JOSE. Also, many of the citys older neighborhoods are very beautiful and have small hotels and cafes. Beautiful mountains are around the city. Lots of people go sightseeing there every year. But air pollution is a problem in the city center.

Hong Kong, CHINA This lively city——once a small fishing village——is today an international business center. It is an interesting mix of East and West, old and new. Modern tall buildings are next to small temples (廟宇). Popular nightclubs are close to traditional teahouses. Busy people fill the streets at all hours of the day. But outside the city, there are parks for walking or relaxing. Hong Kong is famous for its wonderful native dishes. Theres also food from Europe, North America, and other parts of Asia. However, this small city has a large population of nearly seven million! Thats why housing is often very expensive. Traffic and air pollution are also a problem.

(     ) 1. Which of the following is NOT mentioned about San Jose?

A. The weather

B. The mountains

C. The air    D. The traffic

(    ) 2. What makes Hong Kong the worlds best according to this passage?

A. The lively city and the wonderful dishes.

B. The large population and the traffic.

C. The expensive housing.

D. The beautiful temples.

(     ) 3. What do the two cities have in common?

A. They both have beautiful mountains.

B. They both have a large population.

C. Air pollution is a problem in both cities.

D. They are both crowded.

(     ) 4. The word “mix” here means _________.

A. 交点           B. 融合

C. 区别           D. 中点

(    ) 5. From the passage, we can know that_________.

A. San Jose and Hong Kong are the only two cities of the worlds best.

B. Housing in San Jose is not very expensive.

C. the weather in both cities is fine.

D. San Jose used to be a small fishing village.