How to Arouse Middle School Students’ Interest in English Study


速读·中旬 2018年7期


Abstract:The key to the teaching and learning English is to let students feel their lessons interesting.Why and how do teachers arouse students interest? Interest is the best teacher.Only when teachers have students interested in studying English ,students will be happy to learn and will take their initation to learn English.

Key words:interest;circumstance create;English-corner;activity

1 Introduction

In the past twenty years,the traditional teaching method widespread.This thesis discusses how to arouse students interest in English study and puts forward that teachers should apply various teaching methods to stimulate students studying motivation and interest in English study.It is very important for teachers to tell students how to study.

1.1 The importance role of English

English is one of the most popular language and it is extensively used in the world.The population who speaks English is merely less than the population who speaks Chinese.English,in many countries,has commonly regarded as a foreign language to be taught in schools and to be used for international communication,commercial exchange,economic cooperation as well as a medium of intercourse in science,culture,academy,and etc.

1.2 The aims of English course

The aim of basic English communicative and functional language skills Students learn to communicate about themselves,family,feelings and special interests to function in their environment.

The ultimate goal of English studying is to enable students to use the foreign language in work or life when necessary.

2 Theories on active learning

At present,fostering students to learn English actively is being paid much attention in China.The traditional teaching methods are still used in the classes.During the process of learning ,students often tend to depend on others instead of adopting active learning ,lacking of interest in English study.

English learning is an active and dynamic process.In order to realize the purpose of using a language ,students should adopt different strategies to process the information during language learning

3 Problems existed in English learning

Even after studying English for many years,many students in China feel their English is still not very good.So a frequently asked question is: Why?

Part of the problem is that it simply takes a long time to learn any foreign language.You have to learn a new grammar system,and thousands of new words.It also takes a lot of practice to develop speaking,generally takes years.However many students just learn English for their exam purpose.When they leave school,they give up English study.

4 Strategies to solve problem

The role of the teacher in communicative classroom is not an informer or a supervisor but a manger or helper.The teachers should try to design all kinds of activities to help the students perform or interact among themselves as much as possible.But designing a course which prepares students to interact in specific roles in real –life situations requires that the course designer first discovers that what part is played in these activities by the language of different kinds.

4.1 Focus on practical use of English

Student learn English now just focus on how to remember more words,how to learn its grammar.However,as a language ,it should be speak as often as possible.Learn English ,cant say it.That has no meaning.So as English teachers ,they should try their best to arrange more chance in which students can use English.They need to put English to some practical use.

4.1.1 Role play

4.1.2 Speech competition

4.1.3 Story telling

4.2 Create English circumstance

We know the largest difference between mother language learning and foreign language learning is the environment.So the creation of English language circumstance is very useful to students of second language.

4.2.1 English corner

4.2.2 Give more chance to speak and listen

4.2.3 Watching English films

4.2.4 Sing English songs

5 Conclusion

“Interest is the best teacher”,so it is very important for an English teacher to help students keep their interest in learning English.As an English teacher,they should foster students to active in learning,change methods to practice English,and create a language circumstance.As English teachers we should arrange more chance to speak English.As we all know,according to the scientific theory,if we dont use what we have learned,we will forget them quickly,especially language.