时代英语·高三 2014年5期

During the past Spring Festival, many children may have received red packets from their families. But Xing Pu, a 40-year-old economist, is asking the government to give red packets to every Chinese citizen.

Xing suggested the government give out 1,000 yuan to each Chinese since the government income has increased rapidly in recent years. He said his suggestion would allow everyone to directly enjoy the fruits of the countrys economic success, help the lower-income groups deal with rising prices and increase consumption (消费) around the country.

Recent years have seen the government carry out a series of pro-poor (扶贫) and pro-rural (惠农) policies, including increasing spending on public healthcare and calling off the agricultural tax. But the lower-income group still needs more help while being hit hard by an 11-year high in prices and recent snowstorms.

Xing said while making the draft, he has borrowed many ideas from practices in countries like the United States and Singapore. Earlier this year, the governments of the two nations offered cash handouts (救济) to their citizens as the result of a surplus in government income. As for in China, “We can even encourage the rich to donate their 1,000 yuan red packet to the poor,” said Xing.

Although Xings suggestion has gained wide support among ordinary Chinese on the Internet, many other economists criticized it as unpractical. Even Xing himself admitted he made the suggestion without any careful calculation. But they agreed with Xings point that the growing economic pie should be shared among the people.

“To better use the increase of money, handing out money is not a solution that holds good for all time. It could be better to improve the public service or cut the price of energy use in daily life,” said Qiao Xinsheng, an economic professor.

1. Why did Xing pu advise the government to give out money?

A. The growing economic pie should be shared among the people.

B. The government doesnt know how to use the money.

C. The government should help the villagers.

D. The poor should get help from the rich.

2. What has the government done to help the lower-income group?

A. Spending less on public health care. B. Increasing the agricultural tax.

C. Carrying out pro-poor policies. D. Offering cash handouts to every Chinese.

3. Xing Pus ideas of giving red packets to every Chinese citizen mainly came from ___ .

A. the US and Singapore governments offering cash handouts to their citizens

B. the governments increasing spending on public health care

C. children receiving red packets from their families

D. the rising prices in the country

4. Xing Pus suggestion ___ .

A. was supported by everyone in the country B. caused debates on the Internet

C. was supported by the government D. would be adopted soon


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