时代英语·高一 2017年5期


If you are having trouble falling asleep, you are in good company. About 65% of Americans said they have sleeping problems a few nights each week, according to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation. Sleeping too little can lead to a higher risk of becoming fat and getting depressed (沮丧的 ). But before you go to a doctor for advice, it is worth examining your sleeping habits one more time. Some of your favorite evening habits may have something to do with the sleeping problems.

1. Setting a Bright Alarm Clock

The light of your bright alarm clock can prevent you from falling asleep. You can make your room as dark as possible. Cover the bright numbers with a book or consider buying a small travel clock. Your cellphone alarm may also do the trick.

2. Counting Sheep

When you just cant fall asleep, its useless to stay in bed to count sheep. If youve been trying to fall asleep for more than 30 minutes, the National Sleep Foundation suggests you get up to do some reading or watch TV for a while. Such activities will make you sleepy. Before you know it, youll be going back to bed really tired.

3. Exercising Late at Night

Daytime exercises will keep you full of energy for hours. Thats why you dont want to exercise within three hours of hitting the sack. Fierce (剧烈的 ) physical activities raise your body temperature and improve your energy level—both are bad for a good nights sleep.

1. What can we learn from the first sentence of the passage?

A. Its not good to fail to fall asleep at night.

B. There are many people who have sleeping problems.

C. People in a good company often have sleeping problems.

D. You should find someone to talk to if you cant fall asleep.

2. What is suggested if you cant fall asleep at night?

A. Counting sleep. B. Doing some exercise.

C. Watching TV for a while. D. Shutting your cellphone.

3. What does the underlined part mean?

A. Going to bed. B. Going back home.

C. Going to the gym. D. Going to the movies.

4. The passage is mainly about how to ___ .

A. form some good habits

B. enjoy a good nights sleep

C. solve their sleeping problems

D. get rid of some sleeping habits



Ali is from a Middle Eastern country. He now stays in the USA. He smokes a lot of cigarettes every day. Ali says, “I tried to quit smoking in my hometown, but it was impossible. My parents smoke. My brothers smoke. All my friends smoke. At parties and at meetings, almost all the people smoke. Here in the United States, not as many people smoke. It will be easier to change the smoking habit here.”endprint

Many smokers are like Ali: they want to stop smoking. They know it can cause cancer and heart disease. But it is difficult for them to give up smoking because cigarettes have a drug in them. The drug is nicotine. People who smoke a lot need nicotine.

When a person first begins to smoke, he usually feels terrible. The nicotine makes him sick. In a few days, the smokers body is used to the nicotine, and he feels fine. Later, the smoker needs nicotine to keep feeling fine.

It is very hard to quit smoking. At a party or at work they will decide to smoke—just one cigarette. Then they will smoke another cigarette, and another. Soon they become smokers again.

A. Without nicotine, he feels bad.

B. He has smoked for nine years.

C. Many people who quit will soon smoke again.

D. Medicine is needed to stop them from smoking.

E. They know that smoking is bad for their health.

F. Thus nicotine makes smokers addicted to cigarettes.

G. Maybe there is only one easy way to quit smoking: never start.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.endprint