时代英语·高一 2016年4期



The Best Way to See Lakeland

1. What can you see if you choose Tour A?

A. Yewdale Valley.

B. Coniston Water.

C. Castlerigg Stone Circle.

D. Beatrix Potters Hill Top farm.

2. How much will Simon with his 12-year-old son pay if they choose both Tour A and B?

A. £84.00. B. £109.00.

C. £104.00. D. £144.00.

3. When does the coach leave Windermere if you choose Tour B?

A. 9:45 am. B. 17:00 pm.

C. 12:00 am. D. 16:30 pm.


In high school, all Canadian students take part in a very exciting event. It is “Take Your Children to Work Day”. Students will have a chance to work with their parents. My day took place in my moms work, the York Region Police Department.

When I arrived, a coach was teaching the officers basic skills. Everyone tried their best to practice. I could see them sweating and breathing heavily.

The most exciting part of my visit was a stop at the 911 Communication Center. 911 is the same as 110, 119 and 120 in China. Every 911 Call in the city is answered here. When I entered the center, I stood beside a call dispatcher (分派人员) and watched him dealing with the calls.

Suddenly, the phone rang. He picked it up and a woman cried for help. There was a robbery (抢劫) in her house. The call dispatcher told her, “Please calm down and move to the safe place quietly. Dont fight with them. Just let them take what they want. Please make sure you are not hurt. We are sending officers there.”

He followed the call and found the address. The call dispatcher chose the five closest police cars from the satellite map and clicked to send the policemen. I saw the police cars from the satellite map were quickly moving to the womans house. Five minutes later, they arrived. I asked the call dispatcher why he sent five cars. He said, “There are different levels of emergencies. Robbery is a high priority (优先), so we have to send five cars.”

The day was interesting. I learned how the different departments work together. The officers were very friendly and admirable.

4. What were the policemen doing when the author reached the Department?

A. Training. B. Waiting for him.

C. Answering the call. D. Preparing for action.

5. What the policeman cared for most about the robbery was ___ .

A. the womans safety

B. where the robber was

C. how to catch the robber

D. when they could get to the house

6. Why could the policeman easily find where the woman lived?

A. He was good at his job.

B. He knew the street well.

C. He had been ready for some time.

D. He was helped by the satellite map.

7. Which is the best title for the text?

A. A Robbery in the House

B. The Police and High Technology

C. An Exciting Day at the Police Department

D. A Wonderful Job Done by Policemen Working Together


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