海外英语 2006年11期

Whe Best places to Visit in Barcelona capture the most popular tourist attractions in the Catalonian capital. Barcelona is located near the Spains border with France and is a good jumping off place for a vacation in the Balearic Islands or Costa Brava.However,we think you will find Barcelona refreshing and attractive on its own.It is a place unlike any other in Spain or Europe.

Barcelona is a good place to spend a few days,especially if you are looking for fun,the whimsical,or a delightful change of pace.Barcelona is a city that comes alive at night.Dinner is commonly taken at 10 PM or later and nightlife occurs after.

The Barcelona area is a historic crossroads and the city has taken on the flavors of the invading cultures.Carthage,Rome,the Visigoths,the Moors and France under Charlemagne all conquered the area and these cultures left lasting impressions on the city.Under Spanish rule,Barcelona was not always been a good place to be,but since the end of the Franco dictatorship,the city has been revitalized and taken a leading role in Spains growth and modernization.

The city has a population of 1.5 million,although the built-up area is closer to 4.5 million in population. The attractions we describe are located in tourist Barcelona,in or near the Old Town.Barcelona,as other cities in Spain,has a crime problem and tourists should be careful in the southern section of La Rambla and the Barri Gotic, especially late a night.

□ The Old Town

◇ La Rambla 巴塞罗那最大的步行街

Walking La Rambla, a tree lined grand avenue, is a great way to get into the spirit of Barcelona.La Rambla and its neighborhoods offer a view into the history and culture of Barcelona.

“La Ramble” extends less than a milefrom the Placa de Catalunya to the Columbus Monument. Its length is segmented into several areas whose "flavors" are distinctly different.You will find street performers, streets vendors and an amazing number of kiosks offering a wide variety of items including flowers, books, magazines,birds and touristy trinkets. Cafes abound, so take some time for a snack and some great people watching. As might be expected,the prices on La Rambla are as elevated as the atmosphere.

◇ Barcelona Cathedral and Barri Gotic 巴塞罗那大教堂和巴塞罗那的古城区——哥特区

The Cathedral is an amalgam of recent and ancient architecture.The west entrance is relatively recent while other sections of the cathedral date from the Thirteenth and Fourteenth centuries.

The Barri Gotic (barrio is a district or quarter in Spanish,so this is the Gothic Quarter) surrounds the cathedral andis the historic heart of the original city.Some sections of the citys Roman walls still exist.

The cobbled streets in the Barri Gotic are fronted by medieval buildings and the area exudes an exotic,historic atmosphere that seems to portray life in Barcelona at an earlier time. This unique neighborhood starts near the Cathedral Seu at the Placa Nova and continues south to the Placa de san Just.

◇ Picasso Museum 毕加索展览

Picasso spent his youth in Barcelona and was said to have fond memories of his time in city.After initially resisting the founding of a Picasso Museum in Barcelona,he warmed to the idea and the museum benefited from his patronage.If you are a Picasso fan, this museum has many works from his early years and is vital to an understanding of his art and person.

◇ Palau de la Musica Catalunyana世界遗产——巴塞罗那的帕劳音乐

Another of Barcelonas classic buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage Site,the Palau is undergoing renovation and expansion.The interior of the building is delightful and if you have a chance to attend a concert, do so.

The building was designed by the Catalan art nouveau architect Lluís Domènechi Montaner and is extremely attractive, inside and out.

◇ Columbus Monument (Monument à Colom)哥伦布纪念碑

The Monument à Colom,a tall spire commemorating the site where Columbus first set foot on his return from the New World,sits in the middle of a traffic circle at the end of La Rambla.The views of the city and the old harbor (Port Vell) are spectacular.